News - Russian composer Sergey Tolkachyov

On March 12, 2017 at the Yoga-House (Kiseleva Street, 71) at 20:00, the second private concert of the cycle “Accent 2. The Awe of the Soul” was organized by the creative group “16 Chairs“. Sounded the music of contemporary composers (including three composers from Saratov – V. Orlov, S. Tolkachev, V. Shishpanov). The concert took place in complete darkness. The audience was placed on cushions and rugs in convenient positions for them. Nothing distracted from the enjoyment of music.

September 21, 2016 concluded National Festival of Young Composers "We - the Russians!" - Project initially covered with a veil of secrecy, and in which I found myself unexpectedly. The finals took my symphonic poem "Night" sounded then in Sevastopol on the reserve "Chersonese".


There was a concert at April 29, 2016 in concert hall "Theatrical" in Saratov Conservatory. It was the second part of concert-perfomance  «They agreed. A Wave and a rock, a poetry and a prose, an ice and a fire ...» which perform «The Theater of New Music».

2016, 24 Sept. Two Saratov composers - Vladimir Orlov and Sergey Tolkachyov - mets with the pupils of Engels music school N6. We told about our creative work, perfomed our compositions.

Also three young composers were with us - students of Schnittke Music lyceum, class of Alexey Pavluchuk.

2015 Decemder, 23 was a concert of great Saratov ensemble of contemporary music "Theatre Of New Music". I cooperate with it a long but this time I resolved to play my music by myself. This concert was in Theatrical Hall at Saratov conservatorie where sounded music by Sergey Prokofiev, Francis Poulenc, Vladimir Mishle, Vladimir Orlov, Olga Subbotina, Basil Igonin. Alexander Zaremba, Vitalii Shishpanov and Sergey Tolkachyov.