A concert of the Theatre of New Music "9 reflections about Life" - Russian composer Sergey Tolkachyov

2015 Decemder, 23 was a concert of great Saratov ensemble of contemporary music "Theatre Of New Music". I cooperate with it a long but this time I resolved to play my music by myself. This concert was in Theatrical Hall at Saratov conservatorie where sounded music by Sergey Prokofiev, Francis Poulenc, Vladimir Mishle, Vladimir Orlov, Olga Subbotina, Basil Igonin. Alexander Zaremba, Vitalii Shishpanov and Sergey Tolkachyov.

While the music sounded on the stage there worked 2 painers: Artem Chernov and Alexander Ilyin. One by one they created visual improvisations by the each music opus, wich they listened ar first time. So, my 2 preludes received this unusual art Impromptus. It was a first public perfomance of this preludes. 

Афиша 23 12 2015, Саратов, концерт Театра Новой Музыки

That is an art Impromptus. Autor - Saratov painter Alexander Ilyin.

Художник Александр Ильин, Саратов