Festival of modern music «Art-modern» - Russian composer Sergey Tolkachyov

November 28th, 2015 held at the Saratov Conservatory of Modern Music Festival "Art Nouveau". The concert sounded "Prelude" for two flutes Saratov composer Sergey Tolkachyov.

November 28 in the Auditorium of the Saratov Conservatory took contemporary music festival "Art Nouveau". The program of concert includes works by young Saratov composers. THe Festival organized by Saratov Conservatory of L.V. Sobinov, which appeared in the walls of the younger generation of composers whose works, despite his youth, is quite mature statements. The concert will include works by Ivan Subbotin, Olga Subbotina, Vladimir Orlov, Sergei Tolkachyov, Leila Baichorova, Vitaly Shishpanov, Anna Vishnyakova, Irina Mahanevskaya, Alexey Vasiliev and Vasily Igonin. Students will get acquainted with this palette of contemporary music, which, contrary to popular opinion, quite far from the avant-garde.

Sergey Tolkachev began writing his "Prelude for Two Flutes"  in the past year for the contest, but completed the work later than expected and did not send it. So, there was a world premiere of this work, which played Anastasia Tokmacheva and Svetlana Burova.

"Prelude for Two Flutes" - this is my first experience of close to minimalism, - says Sergey. - Minimalism - is not just a technique of composing music, but also a special attitude to the music of time. In music, this kind of a lot of repetitions, which are designed to immerse the listener into a kind of meditation, to dissolve its attention to the sound, this half-dream, half awake. That such a state I wanted to get closer. "