The concert at Apr 29, 2016 in Saratov Conservatory - Russian composer Sergey Tolkachyov

There was a concert at April 29, 2016 in concert hall "Theatrical" in Saratov Conservatory. It was the second part of concert-perfomance  «They agreed. A Wave and a rock, a poetry and a prose, an ice and a fire ...» which perform «The Theater of New Music».

The plot of the play and the main question was the following:

The winter delayed in the Wizards City. So she gave way to spring, The King of Wizards City professor Alambred with his retinue sent for help to the powerful forces of nature, leaving the Magic Academy of Music on their students - professors Vloridi and maestro Viganso. Soon, the government comes the order to the division of the Magic Academy in the two faculties: the Department of emotion music and the Department of rational  music. Professor Vloridi and Maestro Viganso decide to arrange inter-department tournament: the Department of emotion music against the Department of rational  music. What is the outcome of this fight? 

My suite «The Name of Beloved» was sounded in this concert. It played by Mariya Skripinskaya (flute), Andrey Nazarov (clarinet), Anastasia Komarova (violin), Vladislava Chupriyanova (cello).

In music of this suite 2 musical monograms have been used - my wife Diana and daughter Sophia.

diana tolkachyova

sofia tolkachyova

The rehearsal.



The general rehearsal in concert hall.

IMG 8892

The concert.

IMG 8913

This is my daughter Sophia. Now she is 3 years old, but when she was a baby her clumsy arms and legs motions prompt me a music for #IV part of suite.

IMG 8891