Three of the choir to the words of A. Ivannikov (2010-2012) - Russian composer Sergey Tolkachyov

Три хора на слова А. Иванникова - 1. Не спеши

Youth choir "Cyrillic" (Kaliningrad)

Do not hurry

Outside the window is heavy rain,
Endless puddles of autumn ...
Wait, I ask, wait,
With your hasty chill.

Listen to the call of the soul,
Failed the exam feeling,
Do not hurry, I ask, do not rush
To forget all that passed us.

How rapidly falls down
Wings lost hope! ..
Turn around, turn around, answer,
Remember everything

                that we loved before.

Три хора на слова А. Иванникова - 2. Мёдом полнится душа

Youth choir "Cyrillic" (Kaliningrad)

Honey fills the soul

Night disturbing and hot,
Haste and dark,
Similarly crow croak -
Even hid the moon.

Just me out on a date
I get not somehow:
Like a lighthouse, distant window
I point the way.

That dawn dawned,
Dark distance destroying ...
You with me so gentle -
Honey fills the soul!

Три хора на слова А. Иванникова - 3. Ах, какая тишина

Youth choir "Cyrillic" (Kaliningrad)

Our night

Oh, what silence
This comes after the wind
What lilac branch
Only the smell heard

Even the secret words,
Those that you now tell me,
There hear every leaf,
Indicated barely.

That's why we are silent,
All we are looking into each other's eyes ...
A star illumine district
Cleaner festive candle.


"Honey fills the soul ..." performed by Saratov Govern Chorus Music Theatre conducted by Ludmila Litsova (19 Dec 2014)



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