Writing in 2014. Andrei Nazarov - clarinetist, who has repeatedly played my music. Some time later, I learned that he writes poetry and one of his works has written music.

О природе. Ноты для детского хора с сопровождением. На стихи А. Назарова.


Misty morning dawn is breaking,
making crimson sky.
And every ray of fun
Sun gives us joy.

I woke up from the dream of nature,
Reveal dormant flowers.
Again, swift water
Blow away my dreams.

Years pass, life passes,
And in the hectic days of the ordinary
We forget about the nature
And not think about it.

pdf About nature. For children's choir with accompaniment. In verses Andrey Nazarov (2014) (98.31 kB, number of downloads: 564)